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Basic Surgical Skills

We are delighted to open registration for the basic surgical skills course (BSS). It will run in parallel to the 5th Palestinian international conference.

 As several events have been cancelled or postponed since the pandemic began in 2020, we encourage all 1st year and 2nd year general surgery, orthopedic and OB/GYN residents to seize this opportunity to participate in this course.

The Basic Surgical Skills (BSS) Course is designed to introduce surgical trainees to safe surgical practice utilizing demonstrations and hands-on skills-stations that emphasize proper surgical techniques. It sets the standard for safe, basic surgical techniques common to all forms of surgery including safe abdominal incision and excision of lesions, the suturing of skin, bowel and blood vessels, and tying of knots, handling sutures and surgical instruments. The practical stations involve the use of surgical instruments on animal tissue models.

The Basic Surgical Skills (BSS) Course is endorsed by the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh and is jointly implemented with the Royal College (RC), Juzoor, the Palestinian Surgeons’ Society and the Palestinian medical council.

BSS Registration