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In Palestine, the surgical specialty has undergone significant evolution over the past 20 years, with major surgical subspecialties evolved. Currently, the concept of a surgeon who operates on all types of surgeries is changing, and the idea of surgical subspecialties is overgrowing. This new trend comes along with the worldwide adaptation of surgical subspecialty in order to give patients the best outcome from the first time.

Nevertheless, more unique specialties and subspecialties are created based on the country’s needs, availability of training internationally, and availability of academic and tertiary centers to support the subspecialty. These specialties and subspecialties tend to be consolidated in academic centers and tertiary hospitals where most teaching and training occur. The generalist specialty must adapt to the resulting changes in practice, leading to a narrower focus for the generalist specialty in larger centers whereas maintaining a broader range of competencies in smaller hospitals. Thus, this international conference brings figures worldwide to clarify and explore the current situation of surgical subspeciality in Palestine. In addition, local experts will present the Palestinian view of such a concept in the form of crucial lectures, abstracts, and published articles.

We hope that attendees will enjoy the conference, especially that this conference targets seniors, residents, and medical students. This will enable us to explore the current situation and discuss the future of surgical subspeciality in Palestine.

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On behalf of all the committees, I would like to warmly welcome you to the 5th Palestinian International Medical Conference, which will be held in person and via zoom over the period October 24-25, 2021 at An- Najah National University in Nablus.

The conference aimed at sharing scientific updates and building collaborations with the broader community of medical professionals all over the world. This is an exciting opportunity to engage and to share knowledge with international partners and local ones, as we continue to remain adaptable, motivated and responsive to always cope with newly found evidence in medicine.

Dr. Mazen Abdalla - President