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Urology Section




Dr. Waleed Zalloum, Dr. Farouk Hammad and Dr. Faris Abushamma

8:00 - 8:20 am

Theme (Pediatric Urology): The status of pediatric urology subspecialty   in Palestine (Dr. Wael Abu-arafeh; Palestine).

8:20 - 8:40 am

Theme (Uro-oncology): Minimally invasive kidney surgery (Mr. Salah Albuheissi; United Kingdom).

8:40 - 9:00 am

Theme (Urolithiasis): RIRS and PCNL: where do we stand? (Mr. Joe Philip;

United Kingdom).

9:00 - 9:20 am

Theme (Andrology): Andrology updates. (Mr. Asif Muneer; United Kingdom).

9:20 - 9:40 am

Theme (Training in urology): Designing training in Urology (Prof. Rami Alazab; Jordan).

9:40 - 10:00 am

Theme (MDT): Training pathways in United Kingdom (RCSEd) (Mr. Neil Fenn; United Kingdom).

10:00 - 10:20 am

Theme (Andrology): Male infertility (Recent guidelines). (Dr. Mohammad Al-zu’bi; Jordan).

10:20 - 10:50am



Dr. Murad Barakat, Dr. Riyad Salahaldeen, Dr Ahmad Jaradat and Dr Mahmoud Matar


Abstract session (9 abstracts)

11:00 - 12:00 am

Five minutes presentation followed by 15 minutes discussion at the end

Abstract 1


Sara Moghrabi, Hans Johnson, Antony Mitry, Salah Al-Buheissi, Joe Philip. Uric Acid stones and debilitating disease. (United Kingdom)

Abstract 2

Mahfouz Ktaifan, Mohammad Alkarajeh, Abdoh Abdallah, Amir Aghbar, Saed H. Zyoud, Mosab Mree, Faris Abushamma. Is KUB radiography still a valid tool to deal with Acute ureteral colic in the emergency settings? (Palestine)

Abstract 3

Anshu Jha, Cherrie Ho, Lucy Simmons, Graham Collin, Neil Collin, Joe Philip. Reducing Disposable Equipment & Minimising Hospital Stay Enables Economic Viability In Developing A Complex Stone Service. (United Kingdom)

Abstract 4

Wael Abu Arafeh, Mohamad Ghnemat, Tamer Abdin, Bashar Shamieh. Feasibility of supine percutaneous nephrolithotomy in pediatric age group. (Palestine)

Abstract 5

Amir Aghbar, Sa'ed H. Zyoud, Faris Abushamma. Global Analysis of Research Trends on Kidney Function After Nephron-Sparing Surgery: A Bibliometric and Visualised Study. (Palestine)

Abstract 6

Sara Moghrabi, Hans Johnson, Sian Parsons, Peter Mezes, Graham Collin, Neil Collin, Joe Philip. Endoscopic management of Ureteric Injuries. (United Kingdom)

Abstract 7

Rola Abu Alwafa, Sara Shbaita, Amir Aghbar, Sa'ed H. Zyoud, Faris Abushamma. The correlation between academic stress level and OAB symptoms among An-Najah National University students cross sectional study. (Palestine)

Abstract 8

Osama Bani Hani, Omar Halalsheh, Yazeed Mohammad, Anas Bani Yaseen, Ruba Khasawneh, Nour Al–Sheikh, Mais Al-Khalili, Mohannad Mahmoud Alomari. Crossed renal ectopia with an unusual form of fusion (inverted U shape) managed by novel approach – laparoscopic ureterocalicostomy. A case report. (Jordan)

Abstract 9

Riyad Salahaldeen, Wadee Bararawi, Fuad Qarish, Basel Sabatin. Horseshoe Transitional Cell Carcinoma of Renal Pelvis in Horseshoe Kidney. (Palestine)

Best abstract prize

Best Abstract will be selected by panelists and a prize will be awarded

Poster 1


Amr Fahmawi, AbdulkarimBarqawi, Amir Aghbar, Salah Albuheissi, Sa’ed H. Zyoud, Faris Abushamma. Global scientific trends on partial nephrectomy research during 2000-2019 a bibliometric and visualized study. (Palestine)

Poster 2

Muhannad Abu Arafeh, Wael Abu Arafeh. Posterior Sagittal Anorectovaginourethroplasty (PSARVUP) for Persistent Cloaca a Rare Case with Supreme Functional Results: A Case Report. (Palestine)

Poster 3

Aya Soroghle, Zain Khayyat, Sa’ed H Zyoud, Ahmad Jaradat, Maha Akkawi, Hanood Aburass, Iyad KK Qaddumi, Razan Odeh, Husam Salameh, Salah Albuheissi, Faris Abushamma. The Impact of Non-Compliance to a Standardized Risk-Adjusted Protocol on Recurrence, Progression, and Mortality in Non-Muscle Invasive Bladder Cancer- a retrospective cohort study from Palestine. (Palestine)

Poster 4

Ali Shakhshir, Jaffar H. Saffarini, Qais T. Ahmad, Ahmad M. Samara, Dima S. Jabri, Zaina H.Safarini, Yousra M. Banijaber, Ahmad Jaradat,  Faris Abushamma, Sa’ed H. Zyoud. The impact of lower urinary tract symptoms on the quality of life during pregnancy a crosssectional study from Palestine. (Palestine)

Poster 5

Mohammad Alkarajeh, Mahfouz Ktaifan, Abdoh Abdallah, Mosab Mree, Ahmed Awad ghanem, Ahmad Jaradat, Amir Aghbar, Sa'ed H. Zyoud, Francis X Keeley, Jr, Faris Abushamma. Clinical and Radiological Predictors of Early Intervention in Acute Ureteral Colic. (Palestine)

Poster 6


Safaa Abatli, Jaffar H. Saffarini, Qais T. Ahmad, Ahmad M. Samara, Dima S. Jabri, Zaina H. Safarini, Yousra M. Banijaber, Ahmad Jaradat, Sa’ed H. Zyoud, Faris Abushamma. Assessment of lower urinary tract symptoms during pregnancy: an observational cross-sectional study from Palestine. (Palestine)

Poster 7

Alaa Aldin Abd Allatif Malhis, Ahmad Jaradat, Faris Abushamma. Feasibility and safety of daycare pediatric ureteroscopy in low volume centers Hints to be considered during Coronavirus disease2019 pandemic. (Palestine)

Poster 8

Mohammad Ghneimat, Wael Abu Arafeh. Bladder hemagnoma. (Palestine)

Poster 9

Riyad Salahaldeen, Wadee Bararawi; Fuad Qarish, Basel Sabatin. Penile Cancer. (Palestine)

Poster 10

Nawal kalboneh, Abeer khufash, Sahar Saed Al-Deen, Sami Al-baher, Saed H. Zyoud. Demographic and clinical characteristics of children with end-stage renal disease undergoing dialysis in the West Bank, Palestine a multicenter cross-sectional study.



Residents’ championship 12: 15-12:45 pm

Panellists (Dr. Wael Abu-Arafeh, Dr. Waleed Zalloum, Dr. Murad barakat, Dr. Abdelaziz Quwedir)

Students’ championship 12:45-1:15 pm

Panellists (Dr. Mohmmad Abudheir, Riyad Salahaldeen and Dr. Ahmad Jaradat, Dr Abdelrahim Kittani)


Winners’ notification -Prize (International guests)


Hands-on courses and small group discussion

2:00 - 3:00 pm

(Functional Urology and BPH): Principles of Urodynamics (Prof. Hashim Hashim, United Kingdom; Dr. Riyad Salahaldeen , Palestine; Prof.  Ibrahim Al- Ghalayini, Jordan)

3:00 - 4:00 pm

(Andrology): Erectile dysfunction and Penile prosthesis surgery. (Live surgery. (Prof. Asif Muneer, United Kingdom; Prof.  Salah Albuhiessi, United Kingdom; Dr. Faris Abushamma, Palestine)

4:00 - 5:00 pm

(Urolithiasis): RIRS and PCNL: Tips and tricks (Video session) (Mr. Joe Philip,

United Kingdom; Dr. Wael Abuarafeh, Palestine)